Term Limits for Congress and the Senate

We have allowed the creation of an aristocracy within our legislative branch and this aristocracy is living a disconnected life from those they represent.  It is time that they were exposed to what we really want and need.  It is time that the leaders of our country lived and worked among us as equals and not in the aristocracy where they currently live.

Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of opposing the idea of limiting the terms of our legislators.   It is asking them to place an expiration date on their own jobs and making them a temp employee.  How many of our current legislators would actually be willing to do this?   The time for term limits is upon us.  With Congressional approval at historic lows and the vast majority of American believing that their government has lost touch with the pulse of the people a Constitutional Amendment mandating term limits would go a long way in restoring faith in our governing body.

In May of 1995, the Supreme Court handed down the decision that term limits are unconstitutional without a Constitutional Amendment.  This seemed to take the wind out of the sails of the term limit movement.   In my eyes, the courts have outlined the direction we must take; a Constitutional Amendment creating term limits on our legislative branch:  No more than 4 terms as a Congressman and 2 terms as a Senator.  

Our founding fathers did not intend for our legislators to become career politicians.  Their vision was the citizen leader that came from the people and returned to the people after some years of service.  This would keep the leader grounded to the people he/she represents.  In today’s world, this does not happen.  Far too many “career politicians” camp out in their jobs for decades and not years, which prevents true representation of the people they are supposed to represent.  The longer these people stay in their positions, the more they represent themselves and their interests or the interests of “special interest groups.”  

Creating term limits allows for a steady flow of new ideas to enter our government by removing those that would try and keep the status quo.  The status quo would be interrupted and members could no longer bully other members into submission based on seniority.  It would level the playing field and push members to stand on their own and be accountable to their constituents.   

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